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Authorities, Agencies and Government bodies must be always subject to the rule of law.


Sometimes by their own means and decision, and other times through the much-needed intervention of the judiciary.


DE LA GASCA & CIA., has successfully represented many clients in the assessment and prosecution of their legal rights in El Salvador against several Government Bodies. Most times fighting against all odds.


We have a very strong commitment to defending the rule of law and the system of checks and balances, as an essential part of our democracy.


Moreover, we pride ourselves in having, on numerous occasions, limited abuse and authoritarianism by way of our local Administrative Court Proceedings.


If you need strong representation against an invasive Government Agencies, seek no more. We will be on your side!

Our firm provides expert assistance in the following complex ADMNISTRATIVE LITIGATION areas:

  • Contentious administrative proceedings

  • Appeals and Reverting Petitions

  • Public Bidding Disputes

  • Defense against the imposition of illegal fines

  • Defense against the imposition of illegal Business Closures

  • Defense against Unjust Enrichment Administrative Proceedings

  • Legal Assistance and Representation in Administrative Sanction Proceedings

  • Prosecution of Legal Actions with The Administrative Courts

  • Lawsuits against the Trademark Office, City Councils, Regulatory Bodies, et. Al.

  • Constitutional challenge of Statutes and Regulations

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