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It has been said that litigation, rather than being a science, is an art. We consider ourselves masters in the fine art of solving legal conflicts.

We stand by our clients advising them all along the way, with knowledge, experience, ethics, and truthfulness in the possibilities they stand or not on a given case.


Despite the fact that we can provide strong representation whenever it is required, we also pride ourselves in having the ability of reaching satisfactory settlements or agreements with mutual benefits for all the parties involved.


Most importantly, we have experience in dealing with complex litigation cases related to the Business World.


In particular, we cater special services in the fields of:

the most common issues faced in the business world, such as in the fields of Intellectual Property, Administrative Litigation, Commercial Litigation and Criminal Law (economic crimes).

Modern Work Space

Our firm provides expert assistance in the following complex BUSINESS LITIGATION areas:

  • Trademark Litigation (enforcement and defenses)

  • Copyright Litigation

  • Patent Litigation

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Commercial Arbitrations

  • Public Contract Arbitrations

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Criminal Litigation (Counterfeiting and Economical Crimes)

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